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  Here are some of the ideas and things I happen to care about. For each of those, I try'n find informations, links, pictures...

Eco-logical vehicles
Computers : some good stuff
Favourite foreign countries & languages :
Motorcycling : sorry, my weakness...

My past, current, future or dream bikes

Adventure biking : What is it ?

Virtual Adventure Bike Show

My Kawasaki 500 KLE page

KLE luggages

Bike related links + miscellaneous
Anything else ? teardrops

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Virtual Adventure Bike Show

Kawasaki KTM
Moto-Guzzi Oural Suzuki
Touratech Triumph

Clic on the logos to see each make's adventure bikes
(You'll need to be patient. Only Aprilia and Ural pages are published at the moment : more to come shortly...)
10/05/23 : Yamaha page : 1200 XTZ description
07/09/20 : Yamaha page added !
07/10/1 : Buell page