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* Tough bags
    - alu cases : 3 countries, as far as I know, have skilled specialists : Germany, where KLE is something far to unknown, and the USA, where it seems to have never landed. UK has a good manufacturer, but nothing for KLE at the moment.
-> Touratech. No KLE racks, but the panniers can fit to Hepco & Becker's, and you can get the rack from  TTech. Or buy this, and do the rest yourself :
 Only one type, (Zega-Case) but 3 sizes, and a lot of accessories.
  -> Hepco & Becker : a range of 2, with two sizes for each, and assorted top-cases

Alu standard :  (on a KLE !)S
Alu Exclusiv : Exclu
 New series from Hepco : the Xplorer :
-> SW-Motech Trax : 2 sizes, 2 finishes, inner (standard or waterproff) and superior bags available, as well as a top case.

The famous "quick-lock evo" rack is KLE compatible, as you can see on the picture :.

In the US people make wonderfull cases, but know nothing about KLE. And it's more complicated to buy things outside the Euro zone.
But I can't help dreaming about those marvels (from 3 different manufacturers) :
You'll easily find the websites...
-> Jesse Luggage : 3 colours : aluminium, grey or black :

There's an importer in Europe, but anyway they only fit BM bikes.
-> Happy Trail (a range of 3 models, 3 colour choice : alu, grey or black, various widths)
 (notice the smart shape of this one, coming as close to the wheel as possible : other 2 types are straight, but still have the cut on the outside lower side. Greys and blacks are "powder coated" : 90$ HT more, for each bag.

 This make has no importer, as far as I know, but "racks" many bikes : here is shown a Suzuki 1000 V-Strom.Happy-Trail
 Of course and unfortunately, no rack for KLE. It's a pity, because their racks seem to be especially strong. They use square tubes.

Same flexibility as at Touratech's, you can fit their panniers to other brand's racks, they'll help you to.
-> Moto-Sport :
  Baja et Bavaria names stand for the sizes : Bavaria is the bigger one. Colour as you like it.
  "Dirt Bags" seem to be good soft rear panniers, but need special supports designed for each bike
-> MicaTech :
A very nice product : nearly invisible mounting system :
a special part-size opening, so you don't have to look for your socks on the ground in front of laughing customs employees at every border. It's just a joke: you're supposed to put a liner in anyway aren't you ?
But no way to fit a KLE...

UK has a fine manufacturer : Metal Mule

A nice product : 3 sizes, 2 top cases sizes, 3 finishes...
But no KLE rack ! What a pity !
  - Adventure Soft bags, and their tough, but heavy support rack :
I don't think they've shot a bike picture at random...

Another interesting system, KLE compatible, from New Zealand, by VENTURA :
The bag can be set frontward when riding alone, becoming a backrest, or backward when you have a passenger. The luggage rack can be removed, and fitted with a grab-handle : ->
Quand on démonte tout...
A wide range of bags, various sizes, colors, extensible or not.
Ou une partie...

      - Plastic bags :
- in terms of adventure bike stuff, plastic bags need to be very special to handle the stress of long off-road trips. Hepco & Becker's  Gobi cases seem to be tough. Unfortunately their price is rather worse than those of alu cases. Only one size, maybe too wide for the KLE.

Nice picture anyway :
  - cheaper but less "adventurelike",
the "junior enduro" set :

Perfectly fits the one-exhaust KLE, with their assymetric rackHB
A good choice for a KLE, if it's strong enough for your riding style. Goodies : In the left case case you can put a full face helmet.
This is not true anymore. Hepco has changed its shape, as you can see on the PDF : Notice de Montage
+ can go with 2 top-case sizes
+ options for top-case : upper rack, backrest
+ softbags for panniers and top cases, etc
Something interesting : seems very tough, but as usual, not for KLE. It was close : they fit the KLR...
Model : Caribou
Make : Adventure Motorcycle Equipment

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