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Here are some of the ideas and things I happen to care about. For each of those, I try'n find informations, links, pictures...

Eco-logical vehicles
Computers : some good stuff
Favourite foreign countries & languages :
Motorcycling : sorry, my weakness...
Anything else ? teardrops

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A thousand pieces of information await Kawasaki KLE lovers


07/06/24 : KLE page has been divided in 2 parts, new informations added.
07/06/26 : a little more on KLE page
07/06/28-29 : added link choice in each menu item
07/06/30 : direct access to KLE luggage page by Motorbike menu+many new accessories in KLE/luggage pages
07/07/01->05 : various addings and bug fixes
07/07/09-10 : integrated message board + new TEARDROPS page
07/07/12 : new items in motorbike links page
07/07/17 : no more frames, not good for search engines
07/07/19 : new bike and ecological vehicles links : "ball" motor !
07/08/11 : new links added in Motorcycling section
07/08/17 : Opening my new KLE dedicated site
07/08/23-27 : some new bike links
07/08/26 : Virtual Adventure Bike Show Opening with Aprilia and Ural adventure bikes
07/09/12 : I'll let you decide whether or not it's an ecological vehicle... Piaggio Ape Calessino
07/09/20 : Yamaha page added in virtual adventure bike show
07/09/22 : new stuff in luggage page
Woooonderful Bike Adventure :
07/10/1 : Buell page added
07/10/27 : A little more on Teardrops page
08/05/01 : New : my cycle ridings photo album with BritsNimes Association
08/05/14 : some photos of the next ride, scheduled for may 25th
08/10/31 : more cycle outings, more pics...
09/9/29 : e-solex site adress has changed, link fixed
2010/05/08 : some additions to the APE Calessino page
2010/05/23 : 1200 XTZ added on Yamaha page
2010/09/22 : new stuff in KLE accessories and luggage pages

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